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The Notre Dame Club of Phoenix is the home for over 4000 alumni, current students, family and friends of the University of Notre Dame from the Phoenix Metropolitan area as well as Northern and Central Arizona.  

We strive to bring the spirit of Notre Dame to the Valley of the Sun and the rest of Arizona, as well into our day to day lives, hence our unofficial motto:

"Bringing the Dome to the Desert."

The Club performs several main functions: facilitating Communication with our members, supporting our Current Students, fostering Cameraderie of our members, nurturing the Catholic Spirituality of the membership, performing Community Service, as well as providing Continuing Education.  

Whether you're a graduate, current or former student, parent of a current or former student, faculty member, or a friend or fan of the University, we encourage you to become an active member of the Club!  If you're a recent arrival to the Valley, be sure to update your contact information with myNotreDame to ensure you receive Club mailings and e-mails!

Event Calendar

Notre Dame Day Give-a-thon!

 Sunday, April 23 - Notre Dame Day
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 The Notre Dame Day tradition launched on April 27-28, 2014, featuring a 29-hour streaming broadcast celebrating the founding of the University. As part of the celebration, Alumni, Family & Friends of the University were invited to donate to the University, in the area of their choice, and receive several votes they could use for a variety of different groups, organizations, departments and residence halls, including local Alumni Clubs. The votes are used to distribute $1 million in challenge money, distributed based on the number of votes received. 

This year, the Club is asking our Alumni, Family and Friends who want to support the Club's Scholarship Fund to participate in Notre Dame 2017.  With a $10 donation, you receive 5 votes that you can use to help distribute the challenge money.  If you designate your donation to the ND Club of Phoenix, as well as spend your votes on the Club, our Scholarship fund receives the both your donation as well as our share of the challenge money.  Based on the past years' performance, a donation of $10 could be worth up to $70-$80 for our Scholarship Fund. Because this is such a powerful way to leverage your donation for maximum impact, we hope you will participate.

If you decide to participate, here are a few helpful tips to maximize your donation. First, they give votes for donations of $10 or more. Consider splitting your donation into separate $10 donations.  For example, a $20 donation would still get you five votes, but two $10 donations will give you more votes. Second, you can make donations the week before the actual Notre Dame Day broadcast.  Usually, the system is a little more flexible with your donations in that week prior, so two $10 donations might get you a total of 10 votes instead of 6 votes that you would get during the Notre Dame Day broadcast.  Also, remember that the University will count all of your donations toward the requirements for football tickets.

Notre Dame Day 2017 will be held April 23-24. We will announce the details as they emerge, as well as a link that will allow you to donate and vote for the Club. You can learn more about Notre Dame Day at http://notredameday.nd.edu

Senior Alumni Lunch

 Thursday, April 27 - Senior Alumni

Update and Lunch

 -From Tom "Big T" Ross
Thanks to all of you who made it to our first ND Phoenix Club "senior" lunch.  We had 13 show up at Keegan's Grill from the class of 1959 up to 1976.  The back room was a perfect venue as we all sat around the same table and could interact with one-another.  The staff at Keegan's did a great job!  The stories about Rudy, Ara, Lou, fat Charlie, Father Rehile, and many more, were great to share.  I'll bet we have hundreds more to tell and I look forward to setting up our next lunch.  Man what a great time...Thanks to everyone!
Let's plan for Thursday April 27th at Noon at Keegan's.  I kinda' like Thursdays because often times many people take off on Friday's to travel over a weekend.  I will let you know as soon as possible where we will meet.

I gotta' tell ya' I remember 5 years ago when my wife all of a sudden surprised me and said "let's move to Phoenix".  I scratched my head and said "OK honey" and we made a permanent move out here from Indianapolis.  I was apprehensive about the change.  I had to sell my real estate biz and start new and I had mixed emotions about moving.  One of the first things I did was find the ND Phoenix Club and attend a luncheon.  I found my "comfort zone" in Our Lady's gang in Arizona and the path ahead was not so scary anymore.  Life is a wonderful gift...especially as we move ahead in our later years.  And friendship and camaraderie help make that gift special.  We all have a bond with ND that is deeply rooted and part of who we are.  It is my honor to be a part of organizing these meetings to foster a greater sense of friendship for all. 

Those who couldn't make it....try to make it next time.  Hope to see everyone and more in April!  Happy Easter!

Welcome to America Project

 Saturday April 29 - Welcome to America Project
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The Welcome to America Project is a nonprofit organization founded by a Notre Dame alum that creates community connections and builds bridges of neighborly understanding by providing furniture, basic necessities, education, and additional resources to newly arriving refugees.  Join us on Saturday, April 29 from 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM as we help deliver furniture and other household essentials to newly arriving refugees.  

We'll be meeting at 2420 W. First Street, Unit #67 / Tempe, AZ 85281.  To sign up and receive additional details, please contact Michael Wrapp atmwrapp@alumni.nd.edu.  To learn more about The Welcome to America Project, please visit http://www.wtap.org.

Spring Beer Tasting

Saturday, April 29 - Spring Beer Tasting 

Join the Notre Dame Young Alumni, for the second annual beer tasting and brewery tour of another great local brewery: North Mountain Brewing! As always, this event is not just for young alumni. In fact, this year, rather than having a spring wine tasting lecture, we encourage those who are patrons of wine to check out the beer tasting. Tickets are $25 per person and will include appetizers, a custom Notre Dame Club of Phoenix pint glass (pictured), a flight of 6 predetermined 4.75 oz. pours with brewer's lecture and a tour of North Mountain's brewery. To allow for plenty of questions and discussion, we are looking to cap the event at 25 people, so don't wait to sign up!


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UND Night 2017

Thursday, June 1 - UND Night @ Top Golf
feat. Bob Mundy

UND Night 2017 feat. Bob Mundy, Director Undergraduate Admissions
"ND Trailblazers"
Thursday, June 1, 2017
Top Golf
9500 Talking Stick Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85256
5:30 pm - Happy Hour and Reception
6:00 pm - Dinner
6:30 pm - Presentation
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Free Golf

$45 per person
$35 Early Registration by 5/18 for Dues Paid members (either 2016-2017 or 2017-2018) and their guests. Register by 5/24!
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